Automation in the CNC manufacturing process: The advantages at a glance

The automation of CNC production machines with the help of palletizers, palletising and tray stacking systems offers a multitude of advantages. These advantages not only affect the pure CNC manufacturing process itself, but also affect all subsequent processes in the manufacturing process, right down to your customers. The advantages of automation directly contribute to the economic success of CNC manufacturing companies, ensure the quality of the workpieces and optimize the processes. All advantages are explained in detail on the following pages. You will also find further information about the modular automation automation cells (palletizer, tray stacker).


By automating CNC machines, machine uptime is maximized and, in combination with the reduction of personnel and labour costs, sales in CNC manufacturing are continuously increasing. Learn more details about the possibilities and technical solutions here.


CNC automation solutions reduce labour costs and machine costs throughout the entire manufacturing process. Machines can be utilized more efficiently and personnel can be used more efficiently. More details about this advantage of CNC automation and technical solutions can be found on the following page.


Increased turnover at lower costs - Optimum machine utilization, reduced labour and machine costs increase yields in CNC manufacturing processes in the long term. Learn more about this topic and the technical solutions.


The customers of CNC manufacturing companies expect the highest quality. This can be ensured continuously with the help of CNC automation. Automated processes ensure consistently high quality and reduce costs. Learn more about this advantage of CNC automation.


The automation with the help of palletizing and stacking systems on trays or workpiece carriers in combination with CNC machine tools not only optimizes the process of CNC manufacturing, but also all downstream processes up to the further processing of the CNC workpieces at the customer's premises. In addition, valuable buffers and autonomy in the process are created. More background information about the advantages of automation of CNC machines can be found on the following page.