Aluminium chain conveyor systems from modular automation
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workpiece carrier on pallet conveyor system from modular automation

Flexible conveyor technology - chain conveyor system series

The flexible, space-saving, adaptable chain conveyor systems from the building block system transport a very broad range of products and goods in manufacturing, production and assembly. The systems made of aluminium profiles and plastic chains make possible vertical and horizontal direction changes such that the systems can be specifically integrated into any environment to suit your needs. In this way products can be distributed and transported vertically and horizontally. With almost unlimited combinations and applications for the standardised components and modules, they permit a flexible and space-saving construction to suit the environment and sector.

The modular chain conveyor system series from modular automation impress with straightforward, quick planning and installation, flexible application and expandability.

Characteristics at a glance:

  • Vertical and horizontal direction changes for product distribution possible without problems
  • Space-saving integration that can be adapted to the space you have available in production and assembly
  • Quick, straightforward installation
  • Modular building block system
  • Straightforward, flexible expandability
  • Proven components and modules

 Applications and sectors:

  • Products with a weight of up to 30 kg
  • Products with a product width of up to 400 mm
  • Can be used in all sectors (pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, food industry, production logistics, and much more...)

You will find a selection of components in our FS-F300 chain conveyor system components catalogue. The downloads are in the column on the right of this page.

Components for chain conveyor system series at a glance

The conveyors can be erected using standardised components such as drive units, idler stations, supporting profiles, horizontal and vertical plain bends, wheel bends and much more. Due to the modular system almost all requirements in the area of conveyor technology can be covered. In the following you will find an overview of all component areas:

  • Aluminium systems (this page)
  • Stainless steel systems
  • Beams
  • Plain bends
  • Slide strips
  • Chains and accessories
  • Side rails
  • Drive units and idler units
  • Mid drive units
  • Wheel bends
  • Supports, feet, profile system
  • Drip channels, drain plate, drip trays
  • Bridges
  • Workpiece carriers, pallets




Components for chain conveyor system from modular automation
Components for chain conveyor system

Which system series is suitable for your product?

You can choose from the following system series depending on your needs. For all system series we offer suitable components for optimal conveyor technology.

System FS FL FM F85 FH F140 F180 F300
Product width (mm) 15-140 15-140 20-200 20-200 25-300   70-400 70-400
Product weight - horizontal (kg) up to 10 up to 10 up to 15 up to 15 up to 20   up to 15 up to 15
Product weight - vertical (kg) up to 2 up to 2            

System series and technical data at a glance

System FS FL FM F85 FH F140 F180 F300
Beam width (mm) 45 65 85 85 105 142 180 300
Chain width (mm) 44 63 83 83 103 140 175 295
Chain pitch (mm) 25,4 25,4 33,5 33,5 33,5 33,5 33,5 33,5
Max. length per section (m) 30 40 30 30 30   30 30
Load conveyed per section (kg) up to 150 up to 150 up to 200 up to 200 up to 200   up to 200 up to  200
Velocity (m/min) up to 60 up to 60 up to 60 up to 60 up to 60 up to  60 up to 60 up to 60
Maximum tensile force (N) 1.250 1.250 1.250 1.250 1.250   1.250 1.250
Chain tensile force (N) 500 500            
* Disclaimer

The products FKTP 5 A and FKTL 102 A mentioned in the attached catalogue are not for sale in Germany and United Kingdom and are only determined for requests and sales from outside Germany and United Kingdom. We do not deliver the products FKTP 5 A and FKTL 102 A to recipients inside Germany and United Kingdom. We kindly ask for your understanding.


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