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magnetic conveyor chain

Conveyor chains for chain conveyors

modular automation offers a large selection of different conveyor chains for chain conveyors in the various system series and sizes. The chains convey every type of transported good and product with widely varying requirements. Vertical and horizontal direction changes are possible without problems thanks to single-link chains. Irrespective of whether smooth plastic chain, closed plastic chain, conveyor chain with fixed or flexible cleats, steel-coated plastic conveyor chain, magnetic chain or a robust steel chain - modular automation provides the right chain to transport your products in production.

Smooth plastic conveyor chain

Smooth plastic conveyor chain
Smooth plastic chain on stainless steel system

The smooth and flocked plastic conveyor chains are used most frequently. They are suitable for transporting products on one level and are characterised by high chain tensile force, a long service life and straightforward installation.

Plastic conveyor chain with fixed and flexible cleats

Chains for chain conveyor systems with fixed and flexible cleats
Various chain types

Conveyor chains with fixed and flexible cleats prevent products slipping on vertical and horizontal conveyors, that is also on upward and downward gradients.

Steel-coated plastic conveyor chain

Plastic chain with steel coating
Steel-coated plastic chain

The plastic chain coated with steel is suitable for transported goods with sharp edges. The advantages of the steel-coated plastic chain are durability and high robustness.

Magnetic chain for chain conveyors

Magnetic plastic chain for chain conveyors
Magnetic plastic chain

The magnetic chain for chain conveyors makes it possible to convey magnetic goods reliably. Even steep, vertical conveying directions are possible without problems with this type of chain.

Chain accessories: chain washing station, steel pins, plastic bolts

Chain washing station for chain conveyor systems
Chain washing station

We offer all relevant accessories for our conveyor chains. From simple steel pins, plastic bolts, a chain washing system, to useful tools for installing chains. The chain washing station removes soiling and product residue while operation continues and in this way safeguards the quality of your products and the function of the chain conveyor.

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