Automation solutions by modular automation


We automate processes with the suitable solutions. We offer our customers complete automation solutions.

Our two product areas of conveyor technology and palletizing technology enable us to create integrated automation solutions and automate complete processes. We are at home in many different industries and have extensive industry know-how in the field of automation technology.


In this section you will find detailed information about the automation of CNC machines and manufacturing processes.
Learn more about the advantages of automation of CNC machines and processes, as well as the automation solutions of modular automation.


We develop automation solutions for a variety of different industries, like the automotive, food, pharmaceutical and packaging industry.
Learn more about our industry know-how in the field of automation, conveyor and palletizing technology on the following pages.


Here you will find an overview of all palletisers, tray stackers and container stackers for the automation of your processes.
Technical details, pictures, videos and further information about our palletizing technology solutions.


In the field of conveyor technology, we offer a wide range of conveying solutions and conveying systems. From chain conveyor systems and workpiece carrier systems to modular belt conveyor systems, we offer optimal conveying and linking technology for many industries. Read more about our conveying solutions.