High-speed handling palletiser EuroPal HP64 performance line speed
High-speed tray palletiser EuroPal HP64 pls
Palletising system with tray change time under 2 seconds
Detailed view EuroPal HP64 pls - high-speed traypalletiser
High-speed palletising system for trays - tray changeover in less than 2 seconds
EuroPal HP64 pls - Traypalletiser in use
Traypalletiser for trays - palletising system with multiple gripper
Fast tray palletising system with integrated handling
Feeding conveyors for tray stacks in palletising system - increasing autonomy
Fast tray palletiser - fast tray changeover time

The high-speed EuroPal HP64 performance line speed (pls) palletising system with a tray change time of less than 2 seconds

With increasing requirements in terms of performance and output in assembly systems and assembly processes, the demands on parts feeding, parts removal and parts buffering and thus on the performance of palletising systems, or tray changing systems, are also increasing.

We have taken on these increased requirements and developed the new EuroPal HP64 perfomance line speed (pls) high-speed palletising system, which operates with a tray changeover time of less than 2 seconds. The EuroPal HP64 pls is a palletising system with integrated handling and is designed for trays/pallets with dimensions of up to 600 x 400 mm (L x W). It also impresses with its very compact and space-saving design (footprint), as a linear axis system is integrated in the palletiser and therefore no additional space is required. this means that the palletising system can be integrated quickly and easily into your production environment as an interface. The machine is designed in such a way that it does not have to be disassembled for transport. This enables a quick commissioning or an uncomplicated relocation within your production hall.

The EuroPal HP64 pls palletising system is also available without an integrated linear axis system. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Palletiser EuroPal HP64 pls with a tray change time under 2 seconds

Application area and possibilities of the high-speed palletising system EuroPal HP64 pls

EuroPal HP palletiser - automatic palletiser with integrated handling axis (Handling)

The fully automatic tray palletising system EuroPal HP64 pls is used where non-pourable parts or piece goods have to be fed or discharged in high quantities automatically, without interruption and at high capacity, while ensuring gentle handling of the workpieces.

The workpieces are either fed into the process or removed from the process and placed in trays in a position-oriented and secure manner. The palletiser takes care of tray stack feeding, tray stack separation, tray transfer and tray positioning in the workpiece loading or unloading process, as well as automatic tray stacking and destacking. The EuroPal HP64 pls high-speed palletising system performs all these tasks with maximum precision, reliability and performance and also offers important and long autonomy in your production processes.

Typical applications of the EuroPal HP64 pls trayfeeder:

A typical task is the automated feeding and/or removal of material in trays at an assembly plant, manufacturing plant or at machine tools and injection moulding machines.

  • Assembly processes in medical technology, battery cell production, CNC manufacturing, etc.
  • Assembly lines in the consumer goods industry, pharmaceutical/medical technology, battery cell production, electronics industry, etc.
  • Small parts assembly processes
  • Palletising or depalletising on plastic injection moulding machines
  • Palletising or depalletising on machine tools
  • and many more

Functional description: Fully automatic, increase of autonomy and high flexibility

Tray palletiser with integrated handling - High-speed palletising system
EuroPal HP64 performance line speed

The EuroPal HP64 pls is a fully automatic palletising system that takes over the automatic palletising or depalletising as well as the precisely positioned supply of pallets, trays, blisters or KLT (small load carriers) to the working position. The high-speed palletising system impresses with a tray changeover time of less than 2 seconds. This makes it one of the fastest and most efficient palletising systems on the market.

Tray stacks (either trays filled with workpieces or empty trays) are fed to the palletising system. The tray stacks can be fed by a machine operator using a trolley or floor roller, by a double-track conveyor system (see video) or by an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) fully automatically.

The supplied tray stack is completely taken over by the palletising system in the lifting unit and lifted directly from the trolley (floor roller, AGV, etc.) to the transfer level. The trays are separated by the palletising system at the transfer level (working position) and transferred to the cross slide system. The cross slide transports the separated tray to the work position, where it is positioned with the utmost precision and either loaded or unloaded by the integrated handling system. The workpieces are thus deposited in the tray in a position-oriented manner with the highest precision, very gentle on the parts and automated at high speed, or alternatively removed from the tray and transferred, for example, to an assembly process, a tooling or injection moulding machine. A combination of removal and placement is also possible, so that parts are removed from the tray, transferred, processed and placed back in the tray after processing.

As soon as the workpieces in the tray have been processed, the tray is changed with a tray change time of less than 2 seconds. The tray is changed according to the "flying change" principle. The tray has a total of three tray positions on the transfer level. The working position is in the middle, i.e. at position 2 (see picture).

Advantages of the EuroPal HP64 performance line speed - the high-speed palletiser

✔ Designed for use with different tray heights (recipe in control). The palletisers can also be quickly converted to different tray heights. The use of different trays is therefore feasible, even at a later date.

✔ Our palletising systems are equipped with their own control system (incl. HMI), valve terminal and maintenance unit. Connection via interfaces (digital I/O, Profinet/Profibus) is possible without any problems.

Tray stacks can be easily changed during operation (using conveyor technology, trolleys, floor rollers, AGVs), which ensures uninterrupted loading and unloading, as well as a smooth material flow.

✔ Increase in autonomy due to large storage capacity.

✔ Tray stacks up to a total stack height (incl. floor roller) of 1050 mm are possible.

✔ Thanks to the well thought-out design, the machine does not have to be disassembled for transport or relocation within the production hall. This ensures quick and uncomplicated commissioning.


Do you have questions, would you like personal advice, in person on site, by phone, via MS Teams? We are happy to be at your disposal personally.

EuroPal HP pls series palletiser - Technical data and details

The palletisers of the EuroPal HP pls series are available in 3 different sizes.
We also offer the automatic palletisers without integrated handling or swivel arm robots, depending on your requirements in the production process. Do you have any questions or are you interested? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you and provide you with the right solution from a single source.

EuroPal HP43 pls HP64 pls HP86 pls
 Tray sizes up to 400 x 300 mm up to 600 x 400 mm up to 800 x 600 mm
 Tray loading height  ca. 50 mm max. 220 mm max. 220 mm 
 Tray total weight up to 20 kg up to 30 kg up to 60 kg
 Stacking weight up to 60 kg up to 400 kg up to 600 kg
 Total stacking height up to 500 mm up to 1.050 mm up to 1.050 mm
 Tray changing time from 1,6 Sek. from 1,6 Sek. from 1,6 Sek.
 X,Y,Z axis positioning   accuracy +/- 0,1 mm +/- 0,1 mm +/- 0,1 mm
 Cycle time

approx. 3 sec

approx. 3 sec

approx. 4 sec
 Part weight up to 200 g up to 1,0 kg up to 2,0 kg
 Power connection 400V/50Hz 400V/50Hz 400V/50Hz
 Connected load 3,0 KW  4,0 KW 5,0 KW
 Control Siemens SPS Siemens SPS Siemens SPS
 Interfaces Profinet, others on request Profinet, others on request Profinet, others on request
 Control panel Touch Panel Touch Panel Touch Panel
 Transfer height approx. 1.000 mm approx. 1.160 mm approx. 1.160 mm
 Outreach Handling up to 80 mm 100 - 500 mm up to 600 mm

modular automation - over 20 years of experience in palletising technology and palletising systems

We have extensive know-how in the field of palletising technology. For over 20 years, we have been constantly developing new solutions and innovations in the field of palletising technology in our palletising and stacking systems.

In addition to the development of customised palletising systems for our customers, we also offer comprehensive and suitable accessories and additional services in our projects. This includes, for example, the development of trays, pallets and workpiece carriers according to customer requirements, extension of the autonomy through feed conveyors, trolleys, gripper development, etc.

So with us you get comprehensive know-how and, if you want, everything from a single source.