Accumulation table - buffer table with chicane for separating products
Buffered products on surface accumulator system: Storage table
Buffer table: Products are buffered in conveyor system
Loading of products onto buffer table
Accumulated products on accumulation table
Buffered products on area buffering system
Transfer of products from the accumulation table / buffer table
Separation of products on accumulation table with chicane

Area storage systems: Storage tables / buffer tables increase production capacity and create valuable buffers in conveyor lines and conveyors.

Buffer tables belong to the area storage systems and are also known as storage tables, accumulation tables, area buffers or buffer conveyor belts. They belong to the area buffers and are an alternative to the distance buffers (conveyors/screw conveyors). These conveyor technology storage systems are used in conveying processes and plants to optimize processes and make them more fail-safe by ensuring a continuous flow of material even during short interruptions and, for example, by bridging and intercepting machine breakdowns or downtimes.

We develop accumulation tables (collection tables/buffer tables) for your requirements on the basis of our conveyor systems and conveyor belt solutions.

The storage systems are developed according to your product and production requirements. Our standardised chain conveyor systems and mat chain conveyors from the modular automation conveyor system are used to develop your customized solutions. As a manufacturer of storage tables (accumulation tables/buffer tables), we develop long-lasting accumulation tables/accumulation tables for you on the basis of our standardised components at an optimal price-performance ratio. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you personally.

Advantages of surface storage systems (accumulation table, buffer table, storage table):

  • Create autonomy in individual production processes thanks to the created conveyor belt buffer surfaces.
  • Can be placed flexibly in the production process, transport or manufacturing process or the conveyor system.
  • Short-term machine interruptions due to defects, maintenance or breakdowns can be temporarily bridged or compensated for.
  • Optimise production processes by ensuring a continuous flow of material on the conveyors.
  • Targeted inward transfer, outward transfer, sorting and distribution of stable products (pushable, rotationally symmetrical products) can also be made possible. Non-stable products can also be stowed with the help of product carriers (pucks) or workpiece carriers.


Conveyor system with buffer table

Possible applications of accumulation tables or buffer conveyor belts:

1. Buffer in production processes

As a buffer in production processes: For stowing products on conveyor belts and systems

Stowage tables as buffers in production processes and conveyors: Buffer tables create important storage areas between process sections in which products from the production process can be stowed temporarily and, if necessary, removed and transferred back into the production process.

  • Stowing of products: In this case, the buffer table functions like a reservoir. It can take up and store a certain capacity of products or general cargo from the production process, which can then be transferred back into the production process in a controlled manner if required.
  • Stowed products are handed over to the production process in a controlled manner: The stowed products can be transferred back into the production process in a controlled manner. In this way, the further processing or the clocking of the further processing of the stowed piece goods can be controlled by means of collecting tables.
2. Optimization of processes

2. Optimization of processes with area storage systems

Area storage systems such as buffer tables are primarily used to optimize production processes of conveyor systems and make them to a certain extent more fail-safe. Another starting point for the optimization of conveyor systems is the optimal plant and machine utilization. Conveyor systems consist of different process stages, working steps and processing machines (e. g. packaging machines, labelers, palletisers, etc.) which often have different processing cycles. Area storage tanks can form the buffer between these processes and thus ensure optimum plant utilization:

  • Short-term interruptions can be intercepted (temporarily) by means of surface storage systems, as this ensures a continuous flow of material.
  • The reliability of conveyors and machines can be improved with the help of storage tables and storage systems. Thanks to formed buffers, parts of the production processes can be continued for a certain period of time.
  • Equalisation of machines with different cycles possible. Thanks to buffer systems, machines with different processing cycles can be connected to each other. The storage tables can store the surplus here temporarily.
3. Functions & application examples

3. Further functions and application examples of accumulation tables, buffer tables, storage tables

In addition to simple stowage of general goods or products, storage tables can also perform other functions in conveyor systems or production processes.

  • Targeted transfer of stowed products into the conveyor system or the production process.
  • Controlled ejection of products for accumulation within the conveyor system or the production process.
  • Separation of products on the storage table, hanks to chicanes (see video). Products can be separated on the accumulation table and thus easily transferred into the production process or further processed.
  • Stowage tables as packing stations: Stowage tables can also be optimally used as packing stations in the packaging process. We have already developed height-adjustable stowage tables as hand packing stations (see video 2 Hand packing station).


Stowage table as packing station: height-adjustable mat chain conveyor as packing station

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