Palletizer with integrated handling - EuroPal HP64 Tray palletizer
Handling palletizer for trays with integrated handlingsystem
Handling palletizer for trays - palletizersystem with integrated handlingsystem
Handling palletizer system - EuroPal HP64 Palletizersystem
palletizersystem with handling and gripper for trays
tray stackingsystem with integrated handling-system - EuroPal HP64 Palletizer
Handling-Palletizer EuroPal HP64

Palletizing machine EuroPal HP with integrated handling axes

Automate your material flow in production and assembly. Optimise your production with the aid of the space-saving and powerful palletizers from modular automation and increase the autonomy of your production processes.

With its EuroPal HP series, modular automation offers a palletizing solution with integrated handling axes for palletizing and depalletizing production parts in high volumes. The workpieces are unloaded from and loaded onto the trays/pallets using the integrated, very precisely operating workpiece handling axes. The servomotorised handling axes (Y/Z) are characterised by speed of response, high accuracy and load bearing capacity.

Our experts have comprehensive knowledge of the design of workpiece carriers and in the areas of gripper and control technology such that we can design the right gripper for you, or create an effective interface for a higher level plant and machine control.

The unloading and loading process can also be undertaken using external, existing handling axes. The EuroPal palletizers in the series P without integrated handling axes are suitable for this process. More information on the EuroPal P series.

Advantages of the EuroPal HP palletizer series at a glance:

✔ Space-saving: due to the compact construction and the integrated handling axes
✔ Low-cost due to the modular machine design – custom solutions at mass production prices
✔ Quality assurance: constant quality is ensured due to automated processes.
✔ Cost-reduction due to automated processes and constant high quality
✔ High flexibility: effortlessly adaptable to your trays and workpiece carriers
✔ Versatile: can also be used quickly and straightforwardly for other production steps
✔ For all pallet sizes: can be used for all common and custom pallet sizes
✔ Increase in the autonomy due to automated production processes
✔ Makes it possible to buffer and feed production parts
✔ Can be used for numerous products: suitable for automotive parts, ball bearings, pulleys, valves, fan wheels, windows, circuit boards, electrical valves, rotary valves and many more.

Automated supply of production machines by palletizers with integrated handling axes

EuroPal HP palletizer - palletizing machine with integrated handling axis

You save additional space due to the handling axes solution integrated into the palletizer. The EuroPal HP palletizer offers you the complete package of palletizing process and handling axes and in this way improves or takes over the automated supply of your machines with production parts.

On this palletizer the production parts are also pushed into the palletizing machine stacked on workpiece carriers using a manual lifting truck or trolley. The palletizer EuroPal HP separates and positions the workpiece carriers at the transfer level. The parts are transferred gently and automatically to the machines. Finished production parts are also received from your machine, gently placed on the workpiece carrier and palletized. On this machine the stack of carriers/trays can also be replaced while the palletizer is in operation such that downtime is not necessary during production.

Applications and reasons for using palletizing technology with integrated handling axes

Palletizers with handling axes - HP series from modular automation
Palletizers EuroPal HP series

Using the palletizing machines you can create an automated process that ensures your production parts are the highest quality due to the gentle handling, as there can no longer be any manual mistakes. The palletizers from the series EuroPal HP are suitable for usage in the automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, medical technology, as well as in general in mass production manufacture and series production manufacture with high quality requirements.


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Palletizers in the EuroPal HP series – technical data and details

The palletizers in the EuroPal HP series are available in 4 different sizes.
We also offer these machines without integrated handling axes or a swivelling-arm robot, depending on your requirements in the production process. Do you have any questions or are you interested? Talk to us, we would be pleased to advise you and will supply you with an appropriate solution from a single source.

EuroPal HP43 HP64 HP86
Workpiece carrier (WC) up to 400 x 300 mm up to 600 x 400 mm up to 800 x 600 mm
WC loading height approx. 50 mm max. 220 mm max. 220 mm 
WC individual weight up to 20 kg up to 30 kg up to 60 kg
Stack weight up to 60 kg up to 400 kg up to 600 kg
Total stack height up to approx. 500 mm up to 1.050 mm up to 1.050 mm
WC changing time from 6 sec. from 12 sec. from 12 sec.
X,Y,Z axis positioning accuracy +/- 0,1 mm +/- 0,1 mm +/- 0,1 mm
Cycle time

approx. 3 sec

approx. 3 sec

approx. 4 sec
Part weight up to 100 g up to 1,0 kg up to 2,0 kg
Power connection 400V/50Hz 400V/50Hz 400V/50Hz
Connection rating 3,0 KW  4,0 KW 5,0 KW
Control Siemens PLC Siemens PLC Siemens PLC
Interfaces Profinet, others by arrangement Profinet, others by arrangement Profinet, others by arrangement
Control panel Touch panel Touch panel Touch panel
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1.300 x 500 x 2.000 mm 1.500 x 760 x 2.150 mm 2.100 x 900 x 2.150 mm
Transfer height 1.000 bzw.
1.120 mm
approx. 1.160 mm approx. 1.160 mm
Handling axis reach up to 80 mm 100 up to 500 mm up to 600 mm



Technical data: Handling-palletizer EuroPal HP series

Expansions and accessories

We offer the following accessories for our palletizers. We offer the accessories both as standardised accessories as well as bespoke accessories to suit your specific requirements in the production process.


EuroPal HP64 palletizer