Feeder for palletizers - modular automation
Feeder for palletizers
Feeder for palletizers
Handling palletizer with feeder

Feeders for palletizers increase autonomy

Feeders for EuroPal palletizers further increase the autonomy in the production process. Changing the stack is automated by the feeder. In this way the machine can be operated for longer without personnel resources, as the machine can be supplied with several stacks of workpiece carriers. As a consequence the production processes are improved in relation to their autonomy and the available buffer.

We offer the feeder for all EuroPal palletizers. Here you will find an overview of all palletizers from modular automation.


Here you will find further information on the palletizing machines from modular automation. Optimise your production and material flow with the aid of palletizers. The powerful, space-saving machines take over the automatic supply or receipt of production parts to or from your production machines.


On the following page you will find all the relevant information on our palletizing machines with integrated handling axes. These palletizing machines are available in different sizes.


In the following you will find information on the palletizers with integrated swivelling-arm robot. Like the palletizers with and without integrated handling axes, these palletizers are available in different sizes.


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