Supports for chain conveyors
Portal supports for chain conveyor systems
Flexible supports for chain conveyors
Feets for chain conveyor systems
Portal supports for chain conveyor system - modular automation

Feet, supports and foot plates for chain conveyors

These robust sub-structures can be selected to suit your requirements. Fixed and moving supports are available. You will find a detailed overview in our catalogue in the Supports, feet, profile systems area.

Die-cast aluminium foot

Die-cast aluminium foot for aluminium conveyors
Die-cast aluminium foot

The space-saving die-cast aluminium foot features holes using which it can be fastened to the floor. Due to its space-saving, safe construction, a safe working environment without the risk of tripping is ensured.

Separate two and three-feet support

Separate two-feet support for conveyor systems
Separate two-feet support

Using the separate two-feet and three-feet supports you have a very stable conveyor system also on an uneven surface, as the individual feet can be adjusted to different heights. It is also particularly easy to clean the floor around the supports.

Flexible supports with castors

Flexible supports with castors for chain conveyor systems
Flexible supports with castors

Using the flexible supports you can move and adjust short conveyor belts flexibly. This type of support offers you a very high degree of flexibility on the usage of your chain conveyor system from modular automation in your production facility. The flexible supports with castors permit access to machines, for example for cleaning, repair, etc.

Wheel bend support

Support for wheel bend on chain conveyor system
Wheel bend support

The wheel bend support bracket is mounted directly underneath the wheel bend and supports the conveyor at points with particularly high loads, or at the corner of a conveyor as a corner support.

Support directly fastened to the beam

Support directly fastened to the beam for a chain conveyor system
Support fastened to beam

These supports are screwed directly to the beam. They are particularly space-saving.

Profile system

Profile system supports on chain conveyor system
Profile system supports

Like the other supports, the profile system offers maximum stability for your chain conveyor system. In addition, with the profile system there is the advantage that it can be combined with a drip tray and offers maximum flexibility during the design and planning of your conveyor system.

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