modular automation: Automation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry


We offer comprehensive sector experience for the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of conveyor technology and palletizing technology solutions. Our experts would be pleased to advise you and develop the automation solution that is optimal for you.

Automation technology for the pharmaceutical, FMCG and cosmetics industry

modular automation offer customers from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics or FMCG sectors bespoke solutions in the area of conveyor technology and palletizing technology. We are familiar with the sectors and their requirements on a high-quality, high-performance production process and assist them with innovative solutions and approaches during project execution, and also afterwards, as a dependable, service-orientated partner. High quality requirements on the products, hygienic, clean production, as well gentle handling of the production items while processing high quantities at the same time – we accept this challenge and will develop the appropriate conveyor technology and palletizing technology solution for you, for your business success.

With machines from modular automation you will receive a system suitable for cleanroom use that meets all the requirements for the efficient, low-cost, future-proof production of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and FMCG products.

modular automation develops, designs and realises modular, flexible, powerful automation modules from the areas of conveyor technology and palletizing technology. Increase the productivity and process reliability in your production processes, with lower costs, and secure competitive advantages with our systems and automation solutions.

  • Customer-specific solutions
  • High manufacturing quality
  • Robust, durable machines
  • Cost reduction in production processes
  • Easy to use
  • Fast, flexible service
  • High reliability

Stainless steel chain conveyor system for usage in the pharmaceutical sector

Stainless steel chain conveyors for the pharmaceutical industry

The stainless steel chain conveyor system is excellently suited to usage in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to the usage of stainless steel, the conveyor can even be cleaned using strong cleaning agents. The chain conveyor system permits vertical and horizontal changes in direction. The conveyor can also be operated at very high velocities, and that with very low power consumption at the same time. With the aid of controllers and diverters it is possible to use only one conveyor to supply several machines at once, for instance packaging machines.


The modular conveyor technology systems and solutions from modular automation are excellently suited to usage in the pharmaceutical sector. We offer comprehensive sector know-how and the appropriate solution for your production requirements. In the following you will find an overview of our product portfolio in the area of conveyor technology.


Our high-performance, space-saving palletizing machines, also available with integrated handling axes or an integrated swivelling-arm robot, automate your production processes, form helpful buffers and increase autonomy in production processes in the pharmaceutical, FMCG and cosmetics industry. Find out more about our palletizing technology products.


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