Alpine conveyor system - chain conveyor - accumulating conveyor
Alpine conveyor - chain conveyor system by modular automation
Alpine conveyor - accumulating conveyor system by modular automation
Alpine conveyor - accumulating conveyor by modular automation
Storage system: Alpine Conveyor - accumulating conveyors from modular automation
Alpine conveyor by modular automation
Alpine conveyor by modular automation

Alpine Conveyor - accumulation conveyor create buffer and accumulation zones in the production process

The alpine conveyor belongs to the accumulating storage conveyors in the field of conveyor technology and is also known as a serpentine conveyor or spiral accumulating conveyor. The alpine conveyor is primarily used to create buffer or accumulation zones in the production process, thus increasing flexibility and autonomy in the production process. This often involves creating passageways for machine operators or forklift trucks without interrupting the continuous product flow. The alpine conveyor has a serpentine or coil-shaped design, so that a longer conveyor section can serve as a accumulating section in the tightest of spaces. A distinction is made between two types of accumulating conveyors:

Definition of alpine conveyor / accumulating conveyor:

  1. Inline accumulating conveyor / alpine conveyor: Inline accumulating conveyors are always integrated into the conveyor line. This means that the transported material is always transported through the conveyor section of the accumulating conveyor.

  2. Bypass accumulating conveyor / alpine conveyor: The bypass accumulation conveyor is an optional conveying section. It is connected to the conveyor line. It is only filled with transported material if it is to be stowed, e. g. in the event of a machine breakdown.

Advantages of alpine conveyors / accumulating conveyors / spiral conveyors at a glance:

  • Very space-saving with many functions in one conveyor at the same time (accumulation, drying, cooling, stacking at height)
  • Serves as a solution for consistent utilization of product flow, production capacity utilisation of production lines
  • Reduces product blockages where they are not desired
  • Compact, space-saving conveyors (buffer)
  • Very simple construction, thanks to our modular chain conveyor system
  • Machine failures, changeover times, fluctuations can be compensated for at short notice or temporarily
  • Allows to connect production lines with different speeds, in connection with control system, logistics
  • Creates buffers between machines with different processing speeds
  • Improves machine utilization, because connected machines are more autonomous due to buffers
  • Can take on additional functions such as cooling, drying - conveying section serves as cooling section or drying section.
  • Thanks to its vertical design, the accumulating conveyor can also be used to bridge height differences in the production process.


Alpine conveyors by modular automation

Areas of application for alpine conveyors / accumulating conveyors - Tasks of a spiral storage system in the production process

A alpine conveyor can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as stowing products, connecting machines with different speeds, bridging height differences or using specific functions such as cooling products. The different areas of application are described below:

1. Conveyor with accumulation function - alpine conveyor as buffer/storage zone or buffer for transported goods

Buffers are required in the production process for various reasons. If machines fail for a short time due to machine failures, maintenance or repairs, accumulating conveyors or spiral conveyors can compensate for the failure for a short period of time by either feeding the next machine or by collecting the failure of the following machine, in which they pick up and store the processed material until it is ready for use again.

2. Accumulating conveyors: connecting production lines with different cycles (speeds)

The buffer zone of the alpine conveyor is also used to connect production lines operating at different speeds. The accumulating conveyor serves here as a buffer for transported goods. By means of suitable process control, it is also possible for machines to be buffered at different speeds by the alpine conveyor.

3. Accumulation conveyor section with additional function: alpine conveyor as drying section or cooling section

In some production processes it is necessary that the transported goods have to be dried or cooled in the production process. The accumulating / alpine conveyor with its long transport distance is ideally suited for this purpose, which is very space-saving due to its serpentine arrangement.

4. Alpine conveyor / spiral accumulator for bridging height differences in the production process

A further function of the alpine conveyor (storage conveyor) is that it can bridge height differences and at the same time create buffers in the production process. The alpine conveyor is a very space-saving solution if, for example, transport goods have to be transported up or down for processing or if passageways or forklift routes have to be kept clear.

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