palletizers from modular automation


With its EuroPal series, modular automation offers you a comprehensive selection of efficient, space-saving palletizers in various sizes. The P stands for "palletizing", here trays are separated, positioned for the automatic handling of the products and subsequently stacked again.
Our palletizing machines are also available with integrated handling axes (HP series) or an integrated swivelling-arm robot (RP series).

Automate and optimise the material flow also in your production with the aid of palletizing technology solutions from modular automation.


All palletizing machines in the EuroPal P series undertake unstacking and stacking as well as the exact positioning of the trays or workpiece pallets. A prepared interface maintains direct contact with an external loading or unloading device and ensures a reliable process. Find out more about our powerful, very space-saving palletizers.


Along with the palletizing task, the handling palletizers in the EuroPal HP series (H stands for "handling system", P stands for "palletizing") also provide the gentle handling of workpieces using integrated handling axes. The palletizers are available in different sizes, are of modular design and can be straightforwardly and space-savingly integrated into your production processes to optimise these processes. They automate your material flow.


The EuroPal RP palletizers (R stands for "robot system", P stands for "palletizing") with integrated robot system can, along with pure parts handling, take over further tasks, e.g. measuring, deburring, joining, cleaning, etc. and in this way further reduce production costs while maintaining constantly high quality. Standard interfaces to external peripherals make possible straightforward integration into your production processes. Like all palletizers from modular automation, these palletizers are available in different sizes and can be perfectly adapted to your products and processes.


The storage palletizer EuroPal SP64 (S stands for "storage", P for "palletizing") was developed specifically for usage at measuring machines and is used to supply the machine with parts to be inspected. The palletizer impresses with its straightforward usage and high level of flexibility. It is particularly suitable for products/workpieces that must be provided on non-stacking trays.


The container stackers EuroPal BS from modular automation – space-savingly stack and unstack containers and standard containers in different sizes. The container stacking and unstacking system EuroPal BS effortlessly stacks standard containers and receptacles even with higher loads.


Along with our palletizers, we also offer suitable accessories. We offer you standardised and specifically adapted pallets, trays, pallet trolleys, rails, feeders, additional lifting units and much more.


Tray stackers with integrated handling functionality from the EuroPal HTS series allow for automatic tray stacking and unstacking, as well as automated loading and unloading of workpieces onto and from production machinery.


The robot tray stacker from the EuroPal RTS series from modular automation automates the material flow in production and assembly, and increases the autonomy in your production processes.


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