storage palletizer - automatic feeder for measuring machines
Storage palletizer EuroPal SP64 - modular automation
Storage palletizer EuroPal SP64 with CNC500 measuring machine
Storage palletizer EuroPal SP64 inside view

Storage palletizer EuroPal SP64 - the automatic feeder in inspection and measuring systems

The storage palletizer system EuroPal SP64 from modular automation is used for the reliable supply of automatic measuring and inspection systems with test specimens and increases the utilisation of these systems. For this purpose, test specimens on workpiece carriers or trays are pushed into a spacious storage trolley on top of each other on rails and supplied to the powerful feeder. An integrated lifting unit effortlessly places the trays at transfer height and they are fed almost seamlessly via the transfer system to the measuring and inspection system and exactly positioned.

During this process the storage palletizing system EuroPal SP64 impresses with its compact, space-saving construction, as well as the ease of use. The controller is housed on the rear and can be operated conveniently via a touchpanel on the front.

Advantages of the EuroPal SP64 storage palletizing machine at a glance:

✔ Decoupling of the processes: part receptacle loading and the measuring and inspection process can be undertaken in parallel.
✔ Automated supply of measuring machines: fast store change and autonomy lasting several hours make it possible to increase the utilisation of your measuring or inspection machines to more than 96 %.
✔ Space-saving design: due to its space-saving construction, you save valuable space in your production facilities
✔ Easy to use: mobile racks make it possible to establish a buffer and store outside the machine
✔ High flexibility: workpiece carriers or trays can also be fed and removed individually
✔ Versatile: can be used in many areas and sectors

Automated supply of measuring and inspection machines

Storage palletizer SP64 with workpiece carrier trolley at measuring machine

The workpiece carriers or trays are filled with test specimens, pushed into a storage trolley one above the other and fed to the palletizer, raised to transfer height and transferred to the measuring machine. The trays are transferred to and from the measuring table using the integrated conveyor. The mobile storage trolleys can be loaded in parallel with the measuring process and form a buffer outside the machine.

Applications and sectors

Custom manufactured pallet/workpiece carriers for storage palletizer SP64
Custom manufactured workpiece carrier for storage palletizer SP64

The EuroPal SP64 is often used in the inspection of mass produced parts. It is particularly suitable for products that can only be placed on or removed from non-stacking trays or workpiece carriers. It is therefore ideal for usage in the pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, machine tool industry in combination with measuring machines or automated inspection machines.


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Storage palletizer EuroPal SP64 – technical data

EuroPal SP64
Lifting load * 100 kg
Tray size L x W **  600 x 400 mm
Controller Siemens PLC
Interfaces Profinet, others by arrangement
Net weight approx. 280 kg
Connection voltage 230 V-AC / 50 Hz
Rated current 16 A
Housing surface Stainless steel, satin finish

* Other lifting loads upon request
** Other container or tray sizes upon request

Technical data - EuroPal SP64 palletizer


EuroPal SP64 storage palletizer from modular automation

Accessories for EuroPal SP64 storage palletizer

We offer the following accessories for the EuroPal SP64 storage palletizer:

  • Workpiece carrier – transparent baseplate without part receptacles, size 400x300 mm
  • Workpiece carrier made of transparent baseplate, size 400x300 mm with custom manufactured part receptacles
  • Operator call system for storage trolley change