Pallet conveyor system - developed by modular automation
chain conveyor system with pallets
Pallet conveyor system from modular automation
Pallet conveyor system with plastic workpiece carrier
Pallet conveyor system with pressure roller
plastic pallets on a pallet conveyor system
Pallet conveyor system CAD

Pallet conveyor system / Pallet conveyors: Transporting pallets and workpiece carriers efficiently

The pallet conveyors/workpiece carrier conveyors permit the controlled transport of your workpieces. Particularly gentle on your products, the products are transported on the flexible conveyor system using workpiece carriers (pallets) and exact workpiece positioning is guaranteed.

Pallet conveyors from modular automation

The aluminium and stainless steel conveyor systems FL, FM, F85 and FH form the basis for the pallet conveyor system from modular automation. These systems transport product carriers or pallets of varying size on which products and goods up to a weight of up to 60 kg can be placed.

The pallet conveyors are suitable for the transport and assembly of a very broad range of products from the automotive industry, electrical industry, mechanical machining, pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and optical industry. The conveyor transports the workpieces placed on the pallets through the individual production processes; the workpieces are positioned so exactly by stoppers or fixing and positioning stations that, for example, parts can be removed or positioned, machined or assembled using handling axes or robots. We offer standardised, as well as customised workpiece carriers/pallets, along with standardised functions.

Modular layout – standardised functions and processes

The basic pallet is standardised and takes over the function of transport. Processes such as stopping, buffering, fixing, exact positioning, diverting and merging are also standardised, as a consequence the system can be integrated quickly, straightforwardly and cost-effectively into your processes.
Due to the modular design of the systems, perfectly tailored, effective line layouts can be created that optimise your production processes. The modular design of our pallet conveyors also offers the advantage of a high degree of flexibility, as they can be expanded, modified and adapted quickly and straightforwardly at any time.

Workpiece carriers, pallets

Pallet chain conveyor system from modular automation
Custom manufactured workpiece carriers

Pallets and workpiece carriers from modular automation protect your products and guarantee exact workpiece positioning. The pallets permit complete control due to the integration of an RFID chip. Transport using the pallet conveyor is particularly quiet, with low power demand and low maintenance effort.

Stoppers for workpiece carriers

 Stopper for workpiece carriers
CAD drawing - stopper for workpiece carriers

Stoppers for pallet conveyors ensure the products are evenly distributed. Sensors detect the pallet and stop it at the defined position. The conveyor chain continues to run unimpeded.

Positioning unit for workpiece carriers

Positioning unit for pallet conveyor systems from modular automation
Positioning unit for pallet conveyor systems

The positioning unit ensures the exact positioning of the workpiece carrier; the unit lifts the pallet off the conveyor chain and positions it exactly for the corresponding work processes, for example involving a handling axis or robot. The chain continues to run unimpeded to convey the other workpiece carriers to the next production stage.


You are not sure which system suits your product? Here you will find an overview of all system sizes, incl. technical data, as well as all relevant components. Our range starts from chains with a width of 44 mm to a width of 103 mm and is suitable for products with a weight of up to 20 kg.


modular automation is specialised in a wide range of conveyor systems for a very broad range of sectors with production logistics. In the following you will an overview of the conveyor systems from modular automation:


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