chain conveyor system


The chain conveyor systems are adaptable systems for transporting items as units. The products to be transported and the ambient conditions define the system that is suitable for your success. In the following you will find an overview of the conveyor system solutions offered by modular automation.


Modular, flexible aluminium chain conveyor systems from modular automation, comprising a beam made of aluminium in which a chain that can move around bends runs on slide rails. The optimal conveyor solution for many sectors; flexible design to meet your production requirements.


modular automation designs and supplies chain conveyor systems made of stainless steel for sectors in which special hygiene standards apply. Our chain conveyors meet the highest requirements in the areas of hygiene, cleaning and safety. Find out more about the stainless steel chain conveyor system from modular automation.


Pallet conveyor systems from modular automation for an efficient one-piece flow solution. Each system can be adapted to the local situation and is optimally suited to the transport of machine components, the assembly of medical equipment, etc. The pallet conveyor systems make possible a controlled flow of individual products in the overall production process.


Puck conveyors are designed for transporting small, fragile or unstable products. The products are transported in so-called product carriers, pucks. Thanks to the different conveyor system sizes and the modular design, we develop tailor-made puck conveyor solutions for you. Find out more.


Our wedge conveyors, comprising two opposing conveyor lanes, make possible gentle product transport in the vertical and horizontal direction. High transport velocities can be achieved. The wedge conveyor is used to transport products to a different transport level.


Modular belts / mat chain conveyors are available in various widths. They offer a large contact area and are often used to transport large, heavy products or objects.


Using belt conveyors or belt conveyor systems long, straight transport sections can be implemented very cost-effectively. Available in various widths.


Toothed belt conveyors transport the goods on toothed belts. This arrangement permits very high transport velocities with low noise at the same time. It is suitable for transporting bulky, heavy parts and makes possible access to the product from below.


Our belt wedge conveyors make possible unrestricted access to the product or workpiece and are used if the product is worked from below in production. The product is very gently clamped between two soft belts and transported. It is straightforward to integrate into installations.

* Disclaimer

The products FKTP 5 A and FKTL 102 A mentioned in the attached catalogue are not for sale in Germany and United Kingdom and are only determined for requests and sales from outside Germany and United Kingdom. We do not deliver the products FKTP 5 A and FKTL 102 A to recipients inside Germany and United Kingdom. We kindly ask for your understanding.


Alpine conveyor or accumulation conveyor for accumulating and buffering products in the production process. The alpine conveyor system is primarily used to create buffer or accumulation zones in the production process, thus increasing flexibility and autonomy in the production process.


Area storage systems (storage tables, buffer tables, storage tables) create valuable buffers in conveyor systems and production processes. Products are stowed on a conveyor belt. The storage tables can be flexibly placed and integrated into the production process. Find out more about our surface storage systems on the next page.


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