Tray stacker with integrated handling - EuroPal HTS43
Handling tray stacker EuroPal HTS43 from modular automation
Handing tray stacker palletizer - top down view
Handling tray stacker palletizer for trays 400x300 mm
Inside view handling tray stacker palletizer EuroPal HTS43
Detail view handling tray stacker EuroPal HTS43
Handling tray stacker with handling axes
Detail view: Palletizer handling tray stacker HTS43

Tray stackers with integrated handling functionality/handling axes (handling technology) allow for automatic stacking and unstacking of trays

Tray stackers with integrated handling functionality from the EuroPal HTS series allow for automatic tray stacking and unstacking, as well as automated loading and unloading of workpieces onto and from production machinery. Tray stackers combine tray stacking and workpiece handling functionality that enable workpiece loading and unloading. HTS tray stackers remove finished workpieces from production machines and place them on trays without damaging the workpieces. Our tray stackers can also be used to remove workpieces from trays and transfer them to the production line. In this process, trays or loading aids are supplied automatically via a conveyor belt.
In addition, entire stacks of trays (with or without workpieces) can be delivered to tray stackers (1.). The tray stackers stack and unstack trays, and transfer them to the handling station via a handling axis. At the handling station (2.), the handling system either empties the filled trays or fills the empty trays, as the case may be. In a third step (3.), the trays are restacked.


Functionality and process of EuroPal HTS43 tray stackers:

1. After being stacked, the trays are conveyed to the tray stacker. The trays are then conveyed sequentially to the handling station, where the workpieces on the trays are removed, or empty trays are filled with workpieces.

2. After being positioned, the stacked trays are conveyed to the handling station, where the workpieces are removed from the trays, or the trays are filled with workpieces, as the case may be.

3. The filled or emptied trays are then re-stacked.
(If desired, palettes can also be oriented as from step three to step 1.)


Functional process of tray stacker EuroPal HTS from modular automation
Tray stacker functionality and process

Advantages of EuroPal HTS tray stackers at a glance:

✔ Highly space-saving: The compact design of these stackers saves loads of valuable space at your production facility, in that the machines are 30 to 40 percent more compact than the competition’s products.
✔ Reasonable cost thanks to a modular design, which allows for customised solutions for the price of a mass produced item.
✔ Quality assurance: Automated processes ensure that each and every one of our tray stackers exhibits the exact same superlative quality.
✔ Helps roll back costs, thanks to automated processes and uniformly high product quality.
✔ A highly versatile solution that can be readily adapted to your needs: Our tray stackers can be adapted to accommodate various types of trays, blister packs and workpiece carriers.
✔ A multi-facetted solution: Thanks to the product’s straightforward configuration, it can be rapidly and simply deployed for other production steps.
✔ Great autonomy thanks to automated production processes.
✔ Can be used for a broad range of products: For example, our tray stackers are ideal for auto parts, ball bearings, gears, valves, fan blades, discs, printed circuit boards, solenoid valves, rotating parts, and much more.
✔ Reduces interfaces: The machine’s integrated handling functionality enables you to reduce the number of production process interfaces – which in turn reduces manufacturing defects and lightens employees’ workload.

The EuroPal HTS tray stacking (tray palletiser) solution for palletising and for conveying individual parts to the production process: automated structuring reduces the costs for downstream production processes.

The oriented placement and removal of workpieces on/from plastic trays, blister packs, plastic palettes and other workpiece carriers (loading aids) are an integral part of virtually all modern production processes, and allow for efficient structuring of every step in the production process. EuroPal HTS tray stackers featuring integrated handling functionality incorporate this efficient functionality into your production processes. Carrying out a one-time restructuring of your production processes makes it easier to execute and integrate other production processes. This in turn cuts costs, promotes product quality, increase autonomy and simplifies all other production processes.


modular automation automatic tray stackers in action

Integrated handling functionality allow for safe and reliable handling of your products.

The handling functionality that’s integrated into HTS tray stackers can be customised for your products, so as to ensure that your products are handled safely and reliably. This in turn reduces defect rates to virtually zero and promotes outstanding product quality – which in turn rolls back production costs.

EuroPal HTS tray stackers: application domain

Our tray stackers are ideal for use in all industries where load carriers, loading aids, blister packs, trays (plastic and otherwise), plastic palettes and other work piece carriers are used, and on which products need to be placed, removed, or palletised safely. Our tray stackers are already in wide use in sectors such as the medical technology industry, electronics industry, plastics industry, auto and auto parts industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, and consumer goods industry. In these industries, our tray stackers are used for automatic palletising of products such as ball bearings, plastic parts, metal bolts, metal parts, valves and much more.




We offer a broad range of different palletizing machines in different versions and sizes. In the following you will find an overview of the palletizers and matching accessories from modular automation:


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EuroPal HTS43

EuroPal HTS tray stackers: technical data and specifications

EuroPal HTS43
Workpiece carrier (WC) up to 400 x 300 mm
WC loading height up to 120 mm
WC weight up to 25 kg
Stack weight up to 200 kg
Total stack height up to ca. 800 mm
WC exchange time from 9 sec
X-axis positioning accuracy +/- 0,2 mm
Electrical hookup


Power input 3,5 KW
Controller Siemens PLC
Interfaces Profinet, others by arrangement
Operating panel Siemens KTP 700 Basic
Dimensions (W x D x H) ca. 1.240 x 600 x
2.000 mm

Other tray stackers with other tray dimensions are available on request.

EuroPal HTS tray stackers: technical information

Accessories and expansions

The following accessories are available for our palletises. These accessories are available as standardised accessories, or can be customised to the individual needs of your production process.

  • Palettes, work piece carriers, trays, containers and part containers
  • Holding fixtures for workpieces
  • Feeding and removal systems that ramp up autonomy and provide a production process buffer option
  • Remote controller maintenance is supported
  • The machine’s integrated radio call system allows for further production processes optimisation