Puck conveyor: Puck on chain conveyor system from modular automation
Puck conveyor with pucks on magnetic chain in chain conveyor system
Puck handling: Product carrier (puck) on chain conveyor system
Puck conveyor and puck handling system on chain conveyor
Product carrier (puck) on chain conveyor
Puck conveyor with product carrier
pucks are transported on a conveyor system and are introduced into the machine
Pucks are isolated on conveyor system

Puck conveyor: chain conveyor with puck handling for the transport of products on a puck (transport bucket/product carrier)

Chain conveyors with puck handling are used when small, fragile or unstable or unstable products have to be transported and handled. The product is transported through the production plant on a puck (product carrier, transport cup or carrier). In this case, the puck protects against the product falling over during transport and being optimally transported into the individual production processes. In this way, the pucks enable safe, stable product transport and thus a high process reliability of the production line.

Puck transport system is based on modular plastic chain conveyor system (modular system) from modular automation

Thanks to the modular design of the plastic chain conveyor system, puck transport can be optimally adapted to your process requirements and space requirements. This ensures the safe and precise handling of individual products in your production. Our experts analyse the exact requirements of the conveyor belt or production line and develop the optimum puck transport solution, adapted to your production line and the machines connected to it (e. g. packaging machines, filling machines, labelling machines, etc.).

Pucks and transport systems from a single source: We develop the perfect puck for your product (transport cups, transport form)

The Puck has various names and designations in the field of conveyor technology. The puck is also known as a product carrier, transport cup, transport form or carrier. Ultimately, this always refers to a workpiece carrier on which an unstable, sensitive or unstable product is transported through the production process.

modular automation develops these pucks in the 3D printing prototyping process, especially for your requirements, and precisely tailored to your product and your machines. In doing so, we not only pay attention to an optimal form and function (design), but also consider the perfect selection of materials and production (2-component process). We even go one step further: we pay special attention to the puck weight and material during development in order to significantly reduce the energy consumption and noise development of the production line.

Puck handling with chain conveyors: Ideal for the pharmaceutical, optical, electronics, cosmetics, chemical and food industries

Typical products that are transported on pucks are:

Products in the cosmetics industry: Perfume flacons, lip care pencils, various bottles for care products, deodorant rollon, cosmetic containers, etc.

Products in the pharmaceutical industry: Ampoules and syringes, medical devices, containers for medicine, vials, medical devices

Products in the optical industry: Contact lenses and optical lenses

Products in the food industry: Food in bottles, food in cans


Puck-handling conveyor with accumulation table


Not sure which system is right for your product? Here you will find an overview of all system sizes, including technical data.
Our assortment ranges from 44mm to 103mm wide chains and is suitable for products weighing up to 20 kg.


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