container stacker - box stacker for automatic stacking
Container stackers EuroPal BS64 - modular automation
Container stackers EuroPal BS64
Container stackers EuroPal BS64 from modular automation
Container stacker

The container stackers EuroPal BS – space-savingly stack and unstack containers and standard containers

The container stacking and unstacking system EuroPal BS effortlessly stacks standard containers and receptacles even with higher loads. The most space-saving container stacker on the market stacks and unstacks containers and standard containers, for this reason it is suitable for your factory and production logistics as an efficient tool. Particularly if there are a large number of containers, the EuroPal BS ensures space-saving storage of empty and full containers and, if necessary, automatically passes these containers on to the system or the production process.

Using the container stacker you can create a buffer of empty and full containers in your production processes, as a consequence there is a significant storage and space-saving potential in a very small space. Due to the modular construction, the EuroPal BS container stacker can be adapted to every type of container. Subsequent adaptation to other container types is also possible without problems.

Advantages of the EuroPal BS container stacker series at a glance:

✔ Quality assurance in production: due to automated process and gentle stacking of the containers
✔ Space-savings in production: the EuroPal BS container stacker is the most space-saving product on the market. Additional space is saved due to the buffer in production.
✔ Cost savings: costs are saved due to efficient processes. Your employees are also relieved of one-sided, physically strenuous tasks and can undertake other tasks.
✔ Can be used for all container types: versatile and can be adapted to your requirements, thanks to the straightforward, modular construction.
✔ Modular, compact construction: this feature makes possible universal adaptation to your container types, subsequent adaptation to other container types is also possible without problems.
✔ Straightforward maintenance and usage
✔ Everything from a single source: along with know-how in the area of container stackers and palletizers, modular automation also offers matching solutions in the area of conveyor technology

Saving space and costs thanks to EuroPal BS container stackers

Container stackers from modular automation create a buffer in production and save space
Forms a buffer and saves valuable space

The EuroPal BS container stacker automates the unstacking and stacking process in your production, as a consequence there will be cost savings, as manual effort is no longer required. In addition your employees are relieved of one-sided, physically strenuous work. The container stacker automatically unstacks empty or full containers and transfers them one after the other to the production process with the aid of sensors and conveyor technology. In the next step the containers are either emptied or filled and then stacked again by the container stacker up to a specific height (up to 4 metres). In this way you create a space-saving store of unused and used containers, as well as additional buffers in the process, as a consequence there is space-saving potential in a very small space.

Turn-key solution – container stacker and conveyor technology

EuroPal container stackers

modular automation is not only a specialist in the area of container stackers and palletizing technology, it also offers comprehensive know-how and perfectly tailored product solutions in the area of conveyor technology. We offer you a turn-key solution for your success. Talk to us, we would be pleased to advise you.

Applications and reasons for using container stackers in production

Using the container stacker EuroPal BS you can automate the stacking and unstacking of standard containers and custom containers (all container types) in your production process. In this way manual processes, mistakes and failures are prevented, as a consequence constant quality assurance is ensured. The EuroPal BS container stacker can be used for stacking KLT containers, Euro containers, Euro-Fix containers, plastic containers, storage crates and many other types of container. In this way it improves production processes in the automotive sector, electronics sector, food sector, large bakeries, bookstores and many other sectors.


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Container stackers in the EuroPal BS series – technical data and details

The container stackers in the EuroPal BS series are available in 3 different sizes.

EuroPal BS43 BS64 BS86
Lifting load *   up to 200 kg up to 200 kg
Container size L x W**   600 x 400 mm 800 x 600 mm
Net weight   approx. 180 kg approx. 180 kg
Connection voltage   230 V-AC 230 V-AC
Rated current   10 A 10 A

* Other lifting loads available upon request
** Other container sizes available upon request

Expansions and accessories

We offer the following accessories for our container stackers. We offer the accessories both as standardised accessories as well as bespoke accessories to suit your specific requirements in the production process.

  • Roller conveyor
  • Belt conveyors
  • Conveyor technology
  • Positioning unit for automated loading and unloading of the containers