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pallets and workpiece carriers
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workpiece carriers

Pallets and workpiece carriers for your production items

EuroPal workpiece carriers are product-specific workpiece carriers that make possible the consistent positioning of the workpieces. By stacking workpiece carriers/pallets your products are stored protected and can be transported to the next place they are to be used using the EuroPal pallet trolley.

modular automation will develop suitable workpiece carriers or pallets for your products. We provide standardised pallet sizes; we will also address your specific needs. In the area of palletizing technology and development of perfectly tailored workpiece carriers we have comprehensive knowledge and would be pleased to advise you about a suitable solution.

EuroPal workpiece carriers with exact cut-outs

EuroPal workpiece carriers with exact cut-outs
Workpiece carrier with exact cut-outs

Your products are transported securely and without slipping using the workpiece carriers developed for your products; these workpiece carriers are available in different materials. Thanks to exact cut-outs, consistent positioning of your workpieces or production parts is ensured.

Injection moulded EuroPal workpiece carriers

Workpiece carriers from modular automation, injection moulded to suit your products
Injection moulded workpiece carrier

Consistent positioning of your production parts is ensured using injection moulded workpiece carriers, or pallets. Ideal for the further processing or the storage of production parts. Our experienced team will develop together with you suitable workpiece pallets for your product.

EuroPal plastic workpiece carriers with product-specific receptacles

EuroPal plastic workpiece carriers with product-specific receptacles
Plastic workpiece carrier

EuroPal plastic workpiece carriers are manufactured from robust plastic. The product-specific receptacles are applied with millimetric accuracy. Thanks to its transparency, this type of workpiece carriers is particularly suitable for measuring machines on which cameras are used for measuring processes.

EuroPal workpiece carrier pallet

EuroPal pallet for workpiece carriers - accessories for EuroPal palletizers from modular automation
Pallets for workpiece carriers

With the EuroPal workpiece carrier pallets you can stack large quantities of workpiece carriers without problems. The stack of workpiece carriers can be transported straightforwardly and safely from one machine to the next using a lifting truck. The pallets for workpiece carriers are particularly stable and impact-resistant.


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